Put simply, people are our business.  Here at Drake, we have over 68 years of success providing staffing and recruitment solutions across the globe.

In that time, we have learnt not only how to adapt to different cultural and economic landscapes, but we have come to understand what remains constant to make any organisation successful – the people who make it happen.

Understanding what motivates people, and how they communicate and interact with one another is what makes our approach different from traditional recruiters.

Any number of candidates may have the skills and qualifications to do a job – but the person with the right ‘fit’ will be able to do their best work, which in turn will lead your business to new heights.

We’re here to help you find the best talent - because we understand that great people can transform businesses.

Are you tired of recruiters who don’t listen?  Who just send you a bunch of CV’s which aren’t relevant - just on the off chance? Too often recruitment agencies only pay lip-service to uncovering your needs and seem to work on a numbers game.


We work differently. We take the time to get things right at the beginning of each project, crafting a Person Specification that you sign off on, to make sure that we’re on the right track. Using our proprietary assessment tools, we delve deeper into the behaviour and motivations of each candidate, ensuring a strong cultural, team and positional fit.



We search for potential. How do you identify which individuals have the greatest potential to truly excel in your business? These days, it’s not enough to search for skills and experience alone.

Tailored, strategic recruitment. Finding someone who will have a positive transformational effect on your business requires a deeper strategy – one that's tailored to fit your corporate culture and achieve your organisational goals.



Access a global talent pool.
Take advantage of our established network of connections to tap into the passive candidate market as well as active jobseekers - exponentially increasing your chance of finding the best person for the role.


We forge enduring relationships. Each consultant manages their own portfolio of clients, who they work closely alongside - becoming an extension of your own business and helping you to develop a cohesive, overarching talent management strategy.